Consign With Us

Selling on Consignment 

If you are interested in selling on consignment with Robin’s Nest Resale & Consignment Shop, here is everything you’ll need to know to get started.

We accept Consignments Monday through Friday and ask that you make an appointment to bring your items in. If it’s anything that’s large, like furniture, we ask that you take a photo of the item first.  We are a 50/50 consignment shop. We DO NOT take clothes.  If you have questions prior to coming in, or would like to schedule an apt to bring items in,  please call Robin at 480-984-8485.

Consignment Items  

We Accept Gently Used Furniture, Jewelry, Luxury Purses, and Household Items.

We are willing to consider ALMOST anything we think that we can sell. Just ask us, and we’ll let you know if we have a market for your items. And please, don’t be offended if we say, “no, thank you.” We DO know what our customers are looking for and we ARE PICKY about what we take in. It may just be something that will not sell in OUR shop.

Due to limited space, some areas may be closed to new items until that area thins.

We look for current items that you would find in the major home décor chains. We are not interested in items that you would find at flea markets, antique shops, thrift shops or collectible shops.  We ask that ANY items you would like to consign must be in great condition.


Your money is available at all times through your consignor account with us. If your item sells today, your money will be available twenty-one days after it sells.  Your proceeds will be paid to you by a company check.  Your items will go out onto the sales floor the day that they arrive.

Special Instructions About Furniture and Other Items

We look for newer pieces and pieces that would be timeless classics. We accept certain antiques that are in good shape, however we are not an antique shop, and we make no claims of knowing the market value of your piece. We price your items based on our market and what we think OUR customers will pay. All Furniture must be approved by photo first.

Please include product manuals or other information you have for the items you wish to sell or consign.

About Our Consignment Agreement

We have a 90-day consignment agreement period for all consignments taken.  In the event that the item does not sell, we ask that you pick the item up within 5 days after the agreement expires. If the item is not picked up on time, it becomes the property of “A Robin’s Resale Nest Resale & Consignment Shop LLC.  It is up to you to keep track of the date that your consignment items are to be picked up, if they are not sold.

We are a 50/50 consignment shop

Items remain at full price for the first 30 days.   After the 30 days are up, and if the item hasn’t sold, it will be reduced 10% off original price.  After 60 days are up, and if the item still hasn’t sold, it will be marked down an additional 10% off for the last 30 days of the consignment period.  Our goal is to SELL the item, while also getting the most amount of money for the consignee.

We look forward to turning your treasures into cash!